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How To Place Orders

For Custom Shaped Tiles

1.     Make an outline drawing or tracing indicating the shape and size tile you need.

2.     The PREFERRED method of submitting your drawing is to Email drawing as a GIF or CorelDraw file to customerservice@cowtownceramics.com.
This is to insure that we obtain the best possible quality of your drawing so that there is no problem with reproduction.  Please include all pertinent data: Quantity required, Company Name, Contact, Tel. No., email address, etc, in order that we may contact you with pricing and delivery times.

3.     The second best method of submitting your drawing is to snail-mail it.   Please make sure the quality of your tracing is good in order for our scanners to pick it up accurately.     Mail drawing to:         

                                                      Cowtown Ceramics  (Order Dept)
                                                      410 Blue Smoke Court (W)
                                                      Fort Worth, TX  76105
Upon receipt of your drawing, we will contact you with pricing and delivery times.

4.     DO NOT  FAX YOUR DRAWINGS.   The quality is too poor for our scanners to properly pick up.

5.     All pricing is based on the number of square inches your tile will be.  To calculate this, multiply the width of your outline or tracing by the length.  An example would be the pumpkin to the left.  Width  x  length  would be 2"x2" = 4 square inches. The pricing of the pumpkin would be based on 4 square inches.