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Ceramic Breakoff Mosaic Tiles & Letters - Branch new - Breakoff Tesserae -

We are proud to introduce our brand new concept of Ceramic Mosaic Tesserae Break-offs, and our Break-off letters offered in 3 sizes and 3 fonts.

The break-off system is  a simple solution to the many problems associated with keeping up with a whole lot of loose tiles, colors, sizes, shard and more. 

To top it all off, we are now offering our brand new break-off bisque mosaic tesserae for those mosaic artists who have ceramic glazing capabilities. You can now glaze your own ceramic tiles any way and any color you want.   And don't forget the bisque letters.

Here's how it works:

Each break-off tile is made up of 4 sections of 25 tiles totaling 100 tiles.  Each tile is 1/8" thick, and beautifully glazed.  When you need a tile, just pick out the color you need and snap it off.  Since the bottom of the tile is only 1/16" thick, the tiles and letters always beak off easily and clean with only a small bit of a broken edge.  However, since the broken edges will be covered with grout, the broken edges do not show up in your final project.

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